• Be inspired

    throughout the year Hotel Coachman offers a wide selection events including High Teas

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  • Host to International Guests

    Hotel Coachman played an important role in Palmerston North's hosting of 2 Rugby World Cup Games

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  • Sponsor of the Manawatu Cup

    Hotel Coachman is proud of its affiliation with Horse Racing in the Manawatu

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  • Home to the NZ Cycle Classic

    Hotel Coachman has acted as host to large sporting teams from all around the world including the 2011 & 2012 NZ Cycle Classic

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EZYRider Bikes

ERRiderHire an Ezy Rider E Bike from at Hotel Coachman the next time you are in Palmerston North. These power assisted cycles are a great way to beat the wind and see the highlights of the Manawatu.  Rates and booking information are available here


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What is an eBicycle?

NZTA defines an eBike as a "power assisted cycle" which "has an auxiliary electric motor with a maximum power not exceeding 300W and is designed to be primarily propelled by the muscular energy..... more information



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